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Le livre

Maison à Bois-Verna, Port-au-Prince

Maison à la Montagne Noire, Pétion Ville

Maison à la Montagne Noire, Pétion Ville

Maison à Bois-Verna, Port-au-Prince

Maison à la Montagne Noire, Pétion Ville

Maison à Turgeau, Port-au-Prince

Maison de tante Suzon à Pélerin 6

The idea

Photo project by Roberto Stephenson and Marie-Louise Fouchard

We began this project with the idea of doing a book about interior decoration. As things moved, we found out that decorating is just another way for people to express themselves and tell their stories, the intimate stories of those who live these interiors.

Reality… Yes, we can vouch for the fact that these photos reflect real places, real people, real dreams. Haitian interiors lived in by haitian people, really haitian. Real in their diversity and incredibly generous in their souls.

Beauty is the fine line that links all, from the heights to the depths, regardless of social class, cultural background or income: Haitians strive for beauty in their intimate space.

Surprised? Just go take a look at the city of Port au Prince; beauty is not a given: what we see is dust and decay. But, at the end of the day, we all go home, and home is paradise; a safe cave of beauty and comfort where finally there is respite from outside ugliness.

With this book we wanted to pay a tribute to all of the authentic and simple beau- ty, often ignored, bearing witness of a people’s determination to live and survive in dignity, to respect their culture in a country where only the bright sun is a given.

These interiors reflect lives rich in emotion, tales and love.


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amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Interieurs-dHaiti-Roberto-Stephenson/dp/9993558001

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