who I am

the vision…

…is not hoping in a better world,
it is more a trip in the hidden side of reality.
Not really trying to change things,
to make them appear what they’re not,
but more giving them back the poetry that belongs to them
and that some kind of forma-mentis has taken them off…
…maybe is trying to reestablish a short look on things,
exactly like when we’re in a crowd looking for someone
we look always too far away…
…maybe is a floating-in-the-mud sensation
where actions are in slow motion…

I have always heard that once the public recognizes the artist for a style, it must be adopted as a trademark and never abandoned in order to continue to be recognized.

I am a photographer artist and photography, from its birth, is technology in the making where each change leads to different stylistic and narrative results.

Man and his habitat in a broad sense are the object of my studio and it is through these that I express my art. I observe them and then reproduce them according to my sensitivity using the technique that most inspires me at that moment. Color, black and white, infrared, digital or analog, are all techniques that I have always used then combined with post production, that is a resumption of the creative process after the shot also by means of collages or pictorial interventions to produce images that go beyond that. that the camera was able to record in order to bring the result as close as possible to the reality perceived by the heart rather than that observed by the eye.

Since I started photographing I have always been clear that the technique is there to help me express myself and not to set limits, hence my tendency to contaminate, add or subtract elements from the image to make it incisive in the desired manner. Because there is the image in its entirety and then there are the details, those highlighted by accentuating the definition and contrast to guide the eye; those details that once seen you can no longer do without them because they are discovered as essential protagonists of the image. In general, my subjects revolve around the landscape, be it urban or rural, the faces of people and the product of their inventiveness. I look for the imperfection to show its poetry.