This work is just a following of the one presented in the island of Martinique in 2001 in the show "Rencontres Photographique en Caraibe"

Based on the same technique of creating portraits of non existing characters; putting together features of different people and still getting out faces that are real and alive with looks able to get right to the soul.

The prints are pretty large (~90x120 cm. / 3x4 feet average) and printed on small sheets of paper with an inkjet printer, and then glued on an iron foil. The glue, as it gets absorbed by the paper according to the color of the ink (darker colors are more waterproof, so the glue shapes a layer on them that when it dries the light in strange ways.

Ok, I can see that the explanation is not very good, but if you observe the photos you might get how they are done, and if not, just try honestly to appreciate them. If you will not like them, of course it clearly means that you are a frigid soulless





You will notice that you have usually two versions of the same work:

The first is the image as it comes out after I created it on the computer and the other/s is how the final work on iron foil looks. In the second you'll see well the light bounces and the different sheet composing the unit.